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Tarawih GAK ADA!

Rasool (saw) never ever led any Nafl Prayer

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Before we start the discussion and I prove that Rasool (saw) never led any Nafl Prayer, let us have a bried overview of CONTRADICTIONS in Sunni Ahadith about Tarawih.


1. First hadith say Rasool himself odered Sahaba at ASR time to come at night for Night prayer.

2. Second hadith says Rasool was unaware when people gathered behind him.

3. Third hadith says, Rasool was even unaware of it till 2nd day..... (another says till 3rd day....... and another hadith say as soon as he came to know about it, he stopped).

4. Aother hadith says Rasool (saw) offered them on the 3 consective nights, while another hadith says he prayed it only on alternative nights [ODD Nights].

5. Another hadith says Rasool himself took his AhleBait out on 4th night and Prayed with all of them together..... [While another says till 4th night Rasool had already stopped Tarawih].

..... In brief, ever Sunni Hadith is telling almost a new Story with differences between them.

The Real Fact : Rasool (saw) never Ever Led any Nafl Prayer

The real facts are as under:

1. Rasool (saw) never ever Led any Nafl Prayer.

2. He prayed a night prayer WITH INTENTION OF FARADA (i.e. NOT IN CONGREGATION).

3. But he offered this night prayer not in the Masjid-e-Nabwi.

4. But this Nafl prayer was offered by him in his own House (i.e. he not stood at the place where as Imam of Congregational prayer he used to stand)

5. The walls of his house was very low and people [Ashaab-e-Saffa... who used to stay in mosque] saw him praying NAFL prayer.

6. These Ashaab-e-Saffa also stood in mosque [and Rasool (saw) was even not aware of this].

7. This happened for one night.... and Rasool (saw) not realized it.
On 2nd Night, a lot of people gathered in Mosque in Isha Prayer.
Rasool (saw) offered Isha Prayer and went to his House.
But then he (saw) heard a lot of noise.
He asked Aisha for the reason, and she told him that people gathered here to offer Nafl prayer behind you.
As soon as Rasool (saw) heard it (i.e. for first time he realized that People used to stand before him in congregation), he absolutely did not come out to lead the prayer.

Proof of all that what is mentioned above

Here is the First haidith from Sahih Bukhari:

Bukhari, Volume 1, Book 11, Number 696:

Narrated 'Aisha:

Allah's Apostle used to pray in his room at night.[i.e. not in Masjid-e-Nabwi and at place where as Imam of Prayer he used to stand]. As the wall of the room was LOW, the people saw him and some of them stood up to follow him in the prayer. In the morning they spread the news. The following night the Prophet stood for the prayer (in his house) and the people followed him. This went on for two or three nights. Thereupon Allah's Apostle (came to know about it as Aisha told him, he) did not stand for the prayer the following night, and did not come out. In the morning, the people asked him about it. He replied, that he way afraid that the night prayer might become compulsory.

And here is the 2nd Hadith which is also sheding light on this Issue:

Abu Salama from Aisha -r.a-, reported in Musnad Ahmad, she said:

“The Messenger of Allah -SAW- ordered me to place a haseer (straw carpet) on the door of my room, [i.e. not in Masjid-e-Nabwi] so I did and the Messenger of Allah -SAW- came out to (pray on it) after he had prayed Isha’ prayer and people who were in the Masjid gathered to him [as walls of his room were very low) and the Messenger of Allah -SAW- offered prayer for a long (part of the) night and then the Messenger of Allah -SAW- left and came in and left the haseer as it is.
When morning came, people talked about the prayer of the Messenger of Allah -SAW- with those who were with him that night. So when the night came, the masjid was full of people, Prophet -SAW- lead them in Isha’ prayer and then left to his home and the people remained. So the Messenger of Allah -SAW- said to me (i.e. Aisha): What is the matter with the people O Aisha? I said: O Messenger of Allah! The people heard about your prayer last night with those who were with you in the masjid, so they gathered so that you would lead them in prayer. He said: Roll up your haseer from us.[i.e. as soon as Rasool (saw) came to know about people gathering behind him, he stopped at the spot”

Therefore, this so called 8 or 20 Rakah Tarawih or Tahajjud in Congreation had never been the Sunnah of Rasool (saw).

DONKEYS and Tarawih Praying Musaleen

Sorry to use this word, but this was firm opinion of Abdullah Ibn Umar (the Faqih Son of Umar Ibn Khattab) that people (the so called virtuous Musalleen), who are standing behind Imam during Tarawih Prayer, as nothing else than DONKEYS


"Abdullah Ibn Umar (the son of Umar Ibn Khattab) did not pray Tarawih with people in Mosque, but he used to offer them individually at home.

Referenece: Encyclopedia of Fiqhs, vol 7 (Under Fiqh of Abdullah Ibn Umar)

This same Saudi Professor writes further in his Fiqh Encyclopedia:


"One person came to Abdullah Ibn Umar and asked if he should pray Tarawih behind an Imam. Abdullah Ibn Umar asked him if he could recite Quran. He answered: "Yes". Upon this Abdullah Ibn Umar told him why he want to stand queitly like a donkey behind Imam... Go and offer it at your home."
Fiqh Encyclopedia, vol 7, under fiqh of "Abdullah Ibn Umar. Authorm Dr. Muhammad Rawas, Professor in Dehran university of Saudia

Abi bin Kaab Running form offering the so called Sunnah-e-Tarawih of Rasool

According to Ahle Sunnah, tarawih is one of the virtuous "Sunnah of Rasool".

And Abi bin Kaab was the person who was appointed by Umar Ibn Khattab as leader of Tarawih.

This same Abi bin Kaab (the Sahabi), used to run away from this so called "Sunnah-e-Tarawih of Rasool".


Umar Ibn Khattab gathered people behind Abi bin Ka'b and he used to lead them 20 Rakah prayer,... but when last ten days of Ramadhan left, then Abi bin Ka'b used to stay in his home and offer prayer there, while other people used to say that Abi bin Ka'b ran away.
1. Abi Dawud (along with comment in A'on, page 538, vol 1, published in Delhi)
2. Sunnan Abu Dawud, translated by Mawlana Wahiduz Zaman Khan, vol 1, page 579, Naumani publishers, Urdu Bazar Lahore.


Ahle Sunnah blaming Rasool (saw) for DOUBLE STANDARDS

As I qouted above many contradictions in Sunni Ahadith about Tarawih.

One more such contradiction is this that according to some Sunni Ahadith, Rasool did following in Tarawih:

1. Rasool odered people to gather, and then prayed this so called Tarawih for more than 2/3 rd of night till people feared to miss their Fajr prayers (Ahmad reported through Abu Dhar).

This fabricated hadith in order to support Tarawih is directly against other authentic Ahadith, in which Rasool (saw) advised not to prolong congregational prayers:

Sahih Bukhari wrote:
Volume 1, Book 11, Number 671:

Narrated Abu Huraira:

Allah's Apostle said, "If anyone of you leads the people in the prayer, he should shorten it for amongst them are the weak, the sick and the old; and if anyone among your prays alone then he may prolong (the prayer) as much as he wishes. "

Volume 1, Book 11, Number 672:

Narrated Abu Mas'ud:

A man came and said, "O Allah's Apostle! I keep away from the morning prayer because so-and-so (Imam) prolongs it too much." Allah's Apostle became furious and I had never seen him more furious than he was on that day. The Prophet said, "O people! Some of you make others dislike the prayer, so whoever becomes an Imam he should shorten the prayer, as behind him are the weak, the old and the needy.''

Therefore, Rasool (saw) was Furious on people who prolong congregational prayers.
But the group of Sahaba Worshippers fabricated such Ahadith in order to support Tarawih and Umar, but they were so Stupid that they didnt know that they are stating many things against other authentic Ahadith.

Note: It is also narrated that Abi Ibn Kaab used to lead Tarawih prayer on orders of Umar Ibn Khattab, and he also used to prolong it so long that people had to use ROPES for keep standing etc.

Lahoola walla Quwah.

And we seeks only Allah's shelter from Shar of those "Sahaba Worshippers", who blamed Rasool for Double Standards (i.e. one one hand he says not to prolong congregational prayers, and on other hand he himself prolongs it till Fajr time).

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