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Celakalah Muawiyah

Duh, apa sih jenis manusia ini, seluruh keturunannya memusuhi Islam dan Nabi!

Not a single hadith in praise of Muaweyah is Sahih (authentic)

Many classical Sunni scholars whilst listing those individuals honored as writer of the revelation did not count Mu'awiya. For evidence see the following texts:

Fathul Bari page 450 Volume 2
Irshad Saneed Volume 9 page 22
Umdhathul Qari Volume 9 page 307
Nasa al Kafiya page 170
Iqd al Fareed Volume 2 page 197
al Isaba Volume 3 page 413

On this topic the comments of the renowned Egyptian Sunni scholar Sayyid Qutb are worthy of note:

"The erroneous fable still persists that Mu'awiya was a scribe who wrote down the revelations of Allah's Messenger. The truth is that when Abu Sufyan embraced Islam, he besought the Prophet to give Muaweyah some measure of position in the eyes of the Arabs; thus he would be compensated of being slow to embrace Islam and of being one of those who had no precedence in the new religion. So the Prophet used Muaweyah for writing letters and contracts and agreements. But none of the companions ever said that he wrote down any of the Prophet's revelations, as was asserted by Muaweyah's partisans after he had assumed the throne. But this is what happens in all such cases".

Social Justice in Islam by Sayyid Qutb, English translation by John B. Hardie, page 215.

Al Hafidh Jalaluddeen Suyuti in "La'ali al-Masnu`aa fi ahadith al-Maudu`aa" Volume 1 page 424 states:

"Imam Hakim claims that he never came across a single hadith in praise of Muaweyah that was Sahih".
La'ali al-Masnu`aa fi ahadith al-Maudu`aa Volume 1 page 424

Muhammad bin Ali bin Shawkani in "Fawa'id al Mujmu`a fi bay`an al-hadith al-maudu`a", page 147 states that:

"Ibn Hibban commented that all ahadith in praise of Muaweyah are fabricated".
Fawa'id al Mujmu`a fi bay`an al-hadith al-maudu`a page 147

Al Muhaddith Shaykh Abdul Haqq Dehlavi in "Sharh Mishkat Shareef" - Volume 4 page 716 (published in 1873) after citing the hadith in praise of Muaweyah including the "guidance hadith" Abu Sulaiman cited from Tirmidhi comments:

"It is recorded in Jami` al-'Usul that many muhaddith scholars have concluded that there exists not even a single hadith in praise of Muaweyah that is Sahih".
Sharh Mishkat Shareef Vol. 4 page 716

Abu'l Hasan Quinani in "Thunziyaa as Shari'a al Murfoo'a", Volume 2, Chapter 8 page 7 comments

"Imam Hakim cites from a chain used by Sibt Ibne Jauzi who cites Isaan bin Ruhiyaa that 'there exists nothing in praise of Muaweyah that is Sahih".
Thunziyaa as Shari'a al Murfoo'a Vol. 2 Chapter 8 page 7

Allamah Ibn al-Jawzi al-Qurashi in "al- Mawdu`at" Volume 2 page 24 states:

"Imam Hakim narrated from Abu'l `Abbas who heard from his father, who heard from Ishaq bin Ibraheem al-Hanzali that 'no hadith in praise of Muaweyah are Sahih'.
al- Mawdu`at Volume 2 page 24

IBN HAJAR AL-ASKALANI, ULAMA JALAL DEEN SYUTI, SAYED KUTB ONE OF THE FOUNDERS OF IKHWAN MUSLIMEEN IN EGYPT and historical fact of Ibn Hajar Asqalani in his commentary of Sahih al Bukhari "Fathul Bari" states:

"Muaweyah issued an order to curse Hadhrath 'Ali. Upon hearing this Sa'd bin Abi Waqqas said "Even if you place a sword over my head and demand that I curse 'Ali, I will refuse to do so".
Sunni reference: Fathul Bari Volume 7 page 74, Bab Manaqib 'Ali

In Sahih Muslim we read,

By him who split up the seed and created something living, the Apostle (may peace and blessing be upon him) gave me a promise that no one but a believer would love me, and none but a hypocrite would nurse grudge against me.

Imam Ali - Sahih Muslim, English version, Chapter XXXIV, p46, Tradition #141

"Muaweyah the son of Abu Sufyan, gave order to Sa'd, and told him: "What prevents you that you are refraining from cursing Abu Turab (nickname of Ali)?" Sa'd replied: "Don't you remember that the Prophet said three things about (the virtue of) Ali? So I will never curse Ali."

Sunni reference: Sahih Muslim - Chapter of Virtues of Companions, Section of Virtues of Ali - Tradition #5916

Mohibuddin al Tabari in his classical book of hadith Riyad ul Nadira states that, "Muaweyah ordered Sa'd bin Abi Waqqas to curse 'Abu Turab"

Sunni reference: Riyad ul Nadira Volume 3 page 194.

Read ibn Kathir;

ابن كثير - البداية والنهاية - الجزء : ( 7 ) - رقم الصفحة : ( 314

فذكر أبو مخنف عن أبي جناب الكلبي أن عليا لما بلغه ما فعل عمرو كان يلعن في قنوته معاوية ، وعمرو بن العاص ، وأبا الأعور السلمي ، وحبيب بن مسلمة ، والضحاك بن قيس ، وعبد الرحمن بن خالد بن الوليد ، والوليد بن عتبة ‏.‏;SW=قنوته#SR1

Imamu Ali (a.s.) cursed Muawiyah this dog,and he (a.s.) cursed also Aamru bin al as,and Khaled bin alwaleed and others!

Tarekh Aba el Fida

تاريخ أبي الفداء - أحداث سنة مئتين وثلاثة وثمانون - ( 30 من 87 )

وروي أن النبـي (ص) قـال‏:‏ ‏إذا رأيتـم معاويـة على منبري فاقتلوه‏ وأطال في ذلك وأمر أن يقال ذلك في البلاد ولعن معاوية على المنابر فقيل له‏:‏ إن في ذلك استطالـة للعلوييـن وهـم فـي كل وقت يخرجون على السلطان ويحصل به الفتن بين الناس فأمسك عن ذلك;SW=المنابر#SR1

Read Suyuti here the link,;SW=استجمع#SR1

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