Monday, August 27, 2007

Imam Zaman!

There is no path other than fighting oppressors, establishing justice, and giving governance to Allah's vicegerent. Whatever misfortune and oppression is seen in the world today comes from oppressive governments. In this state, is there anything else to do other standing up to the oppressors, establishing justice, and giving governance to Allah's vicegerent 'who is a perfect human being'

Allah's vicegerent is the hope of humanity. If he did not exist the movement of the prophets would be incomplete 'hope would diminish and none of the divine values would remain.

Spreading mahdism is spreading all that is good, spreading mahdism is an invitation to the prophets' message 'the belief in the oneness of God and divine justice. The reason for this is that today mankind desires the oneness of God and Allah's vicegerent 'Mahdi (aj) 'who is the inheritor of the righteous and the inheritor of all that was good throughout history.

By Allah's grace, the groundwork for truth and the establishment of justice exists in the world and hearts are hopeful in this regard.

The conditions existent today in the world have made man tired of unrighteous governments. People must be invited to a righteous government lead by the most righteous man.

The message of mahdism is the invitation towards a savior. The invitation towards a savior gives man energy and hope and makes the majority of mankind sour to oppressive governments.

Oppressors do not want people to have hope or to think of a world filled with justice because liberalism and democracy is the end of the road in their viewpoint. We also say that the oppressors and the strong people of the world have reached the end of the road and that their time is up.

Now the time has come for the establishment of the righteous government and justice and mankind will be reborn with love, intellect, goodness, and thoughtfulness.

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