Tuesday, January 23, 2007

The Road to Karbala

Muharram in Karbala, it's what we all dream of. It's certainly what I have been wishing for every Muharram that has passed. For 20 years I have attended the Majalis in a foreign land, where the Ziyara was said from a distance. At the end of each night, the speaker would say 'Inshallah the next year in Karbala', but I never believed it would happen. Until last year, when politics played its role and as the dua says "Praise be to Allah, who... destroys rulers and appoints others... and breaks the necks of the oppressors". Allah (SWT) does not refuse the well-intentioned dua of His slaves, and by His will, my wish has been answered.

I make the trip to Karbala during a time of many uncertainties, but when the signs of the Day are upon us. The situation in the land of the Imam (AF) has grown pitiful, the human life has become grossly undervalued. The place of 'affliction and woe' has lived up to its name, misery and grief are ever-present. These are the days of the cynics, when people scoff at religion and seek to break its followers. But true faith and hope are the standards of the Shia, they will stand up when the Imam (AF) rises and calls forward his followers.

You will read many traditions about the Ziyara to the shrine of Al-Hussain (S) and come to know how a great thing it is to commit yourself in his service. I go in search of this very thing, to stand at the door of the 'Great Sacrifice' and offer my respects. The tears that flow from my eyes in these days will avail me on the day rivers will be cried by the people. I come to the Imam (S) in humbleness asking him to intercede for me, when "every soul shall know what it has done". It is then, as they drag the sinner to the depths of the Fire, he will say: "not this one, he cried for me on the day of Ashura".

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